Women urge UN to protect Shias rights in Afghanistan during Muharram

The Purple Saturday Movement, a women’s advocacy group, in a statement on Monday called on the United Nations and the international community to safeguard the rights of Shias in Afghanistan during Muharram days, particularly during the Ashura Day.

The group has urged the UN Security Council to take immediate action to prevent the harassment of Afghan Shias by the Taliban during these sacred days.

The movement has asserted that the Taliban’s actions constitute part of a systematic campaign to suppress religious minorities.

“The Taliban’s actions are not only a violation of human rights but also an infringement on religious freedom and international laws,” the statement read.

The female protesters emphasized the urgency of international intervention to protect Afghan Shia minorities.

Earlier, the Afghanistan Shia Scholars’ Council issued a statement calling on the Taliban to ensure the security of the Shia community during Muharram. They also urged the Taliban to prevent any harassment during the Muharram observances.