Underage drivers main cause of Herat traffic accidents: Officials

The city of Herat. August 2022.

A recent increase in traffic accidents in Herat has been due to a rise in the number of young drivers and those who don’t own a driving license, according to an assessment by the provincial traffic department.

The department said its employees have been instructed to apply strict rules on underage drivers and those who don’t own a license.

“Recently, traffic accidents have increased in the city and most drivers don’t have a driving license,” said Zabihullah Akbari, head of the traffic department of Herat.

Health officials also confirmed that most perpetrators and victims of traffic accidents are minor drivers in the last three months, according to another assessment by the Herat Zonal Hospital.

The head of the hospital, Mohammad Arif Jalali, said they have admitted 1,835 people who were wounded in traffic accidents since April. According to him, they had registered 14 deaths from traffic accidents from April 21 to May 21.

For Herat residents, it has changed into “a big challenge” and they suggest an awareness program on traffic rules by relevant public departments.

“Families also have a responsibility here. I ask all of them not to allow their children to drive unless they are above 18 years old,” said Jamila Hashemi, a Herat resident.

“We have always witnessed traffic accidents in the city. One small part of the incidents happen by minor drivers,” said Ahmad Samadi.