Putin: Taliban an ally in fighting terrorism

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Thursday that Russia considers Afghanistan’s Taliban movement an ally in the fight against terrorism.

“We need to proceed from the fact that the Taliban movement controls the country. In this sense, the Taliban is undoubtedly an ally for us in fighting terrorism,” Putin said.

“Any acting government is interested in the stability of its power and the stability of the country it governs. I am sure the Taliban is also interested in ensuring that everything is peaceful in Afghanistan and follows certain rules,” he added.

Since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021, following the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces after 20 years of war, Russia has been gradually building ties with the group, even though the Taliban remains officially outlawed in Russia.

Putin made the remarks in remarks in a chat with reporters in Astana which has hosted the 24th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Participants of the meeting echoed the call for an inclusive government in Afghanistan. Some countries, including Pakistan, urged the Taliban to prevent the use of Afghanistan’s territory by terrorist groups.