Taliban publicly flogs six in Ghazni, Kandahar

The Taliban lashed six individuals in public in the provinces of Kandahar and Ghazni this week, continuing a series of public floggings that have seen at least 30 people punished in the past week.

The Taliban reported that five individuals were flogged in public in Kandahar province on Wednesday, July 3, on charges of “sodomy.” Each of the accused received 30 lashes and was sentenced to one month in prison.

In a separate statement, the Taliban said one individual was lashed in public in Ghazni province, also on Wednesday, July 3. This person received 39 lashes and was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

Since June 27, the Taliban has flogged 30 people across various provinces, including 18 in Uruzgan province.

The practice of public lashing has seen hundreds of individuals punished since December 2022, when the Taliban’s leader issued a decree reinstating corporal punishment.

Human rights organizations and the United Nations have condemned these corporal punishments by the Taliban.