Amiri says Afghanistan’s future hinges on women’s inclusion

Rina Amiri, the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan’s human rights and women, underscored that there can be no resolution to Afghanistan’s challenges without the inclusion of women in deliberations about the country’s future.

Speaking on the occasion of the International Day of Women’s Diplomacy, Amiri highlighted the “critical role women have played throughout Afghan history.” “There are no solutions to Afghanistan’s peace, security, and sustainability challenges without Afghan women in deliberations concerning Afghanistan’s future,” Amiri stated on X (formerly Twitter).

Over the past three years, the Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on Afghan women and girls, barring them from access to education, employment, and other fundamental rights.

Amiri’s remarks come ahead of a UN-hosted meeting in Doha, which has drawn strong criticism from women’s rights activists and human rights organizations. The invitation extended to a Taliban delegation has raised concerns among Afghan women and girls, who fear their rights may be compromised in negotiations with the Taliban.

The international community has repeatedly called on the Taliban to ease restrictions on women and girls. However, the Taliban has remained steadfast in implementing its oppressive policies.