Taliban publicly flog three, including woman, in Parwan

PARWAN, Afghanistan — Taliban publicly flogged three people, including a woman, in the central province of Parwan on charges of running away from home as well as theft.

The Taliban-run Supreme Court said these individuals were sentenced to one year of imprisonment and each received 39 lashes.

Since seizing power in Afghanistan, Taliban has reinstated corporal punishments such as flogging, amputation, and execution.

This comes after on Monday, June 24, Taliban publicly flogged a woman in Oba district of the western province of Herat on charges of adultery.

On June 3, Taliban publicly flogged 63 individuals, including 14 women, in the city of Pul-e-Khumri in northern Afghanistan.

Human rights organizations have consistently condemned such punishments by the Taliban and have urged them to cease these practices.