WHO reports 25 deaths due to cholera in Afghanistan in five months

GENEVA — The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that from January 1 to May 26, Afghanistan recorded 46,758 cases of cholera, marking a 54 percent increase in the monthly number of cases. During this period, 25 people have died from the disease.

The WHO report indicates a cholera incidence rate of 143 cases per 100,000 people in Afghanistan.

The report also highlights that the Eastern Mediterranean region has seen the highest number of cholera cases. The disease has also been observed in Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

According to the WHO, stocks of oral cholera vaccines are depleted. Sixteen countries have requested 92 million doses of the vaccine from January to June this year, nearly double the amount produced during the same period last year.

The WHO’s list of countries with the highest cholera incidence shows that Afghanistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have reported the most cases.

The organization attributes the spread of cholera to factors such as population growth, natural disasters, and climate change. The WHO emphasizes the need for coordinated international responses to combat the disease effectively.