Taliban shutters health institute in Bamiyan, detain director, sources say

KABUL — Taliban has closed the Baran Health Institute in Bamiyan province and detained its director, sources revealed on Monday.

According to sources, the closure and arrest followed a speech by Navid Mozaffari, the institute’s director, during a recent event in Bamiyan on Friday, June 8.

Accordign to sources, at the same event, Mozaffari criticized the Taliban, claiming they were “under the control of Russia and the United States.”

Images shared on Facebook by the institute show that the graduation ceremony included female students among the participants.

Bamiyan’s governor, Abdullah Sarhadi, also attended the event.

Taliban has not issued any statements regarding the closure or the arrest of Mozaffari.

Sources said that the institute, which was previously operating in Herat province in the west of the country, had moved to Bamiyan in recent years and is belonged to Mohammad Hassan Ghiyasi, Taliban’s deputy minister of public health.

This incident occurs against the backdrop of the Taliban’s ongoing restrictions on girls and women, barring them from schools, universities, and other educational institutions.