Half of foreign companies registered in Iran belong to Afghan nationals: Official

TEHRAN — Investors from Afghanistan own half of the foreign companies registered in Iran, according to Safdar Keshawarz, spokesman for Iran’s Department of Property Registration.

Keshawarz disclosed at a press conference that these companies have been registered with the Iranian Registry Properties Department primarily to purchase and own property. “Since 2021, 6,409 foreign companies have been established in Iran, and currently, 5,987 of them are active,” he said.

The influx of Afghan businesspeople into Iran follows the fall of the previous Afghan government, which prompted many citizens to flee to regional countries such as Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey due to security threats and economic instability.

Many of these expatriates have invested in various sectors abroad. Despite repeated calls from the Taliban for businesspeople from Afghanistan and investors to return and help develop their home country, the traders have cited issues within Afghanistan’s banking system and high taxes as major obstacles to investing there.