Taliban exempts certain sectors from tax payments

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban at a ceremony on Thursday announced that they have exempted certain business sectors from paying taxes.

Addressing the event, Taliban finance minister Mohammad Nasser said that “businesses with annual sales up to two million Afghanis ($27,000) are completely exempt from paying taxes.”

He added that for businesses with annual sales exceeding two million Afghanis, the tax rate has been reduced from 0.5 percent to 0.3 percent.

This announcement comes amid widespread complaints from citizens about unemployment and the rising levels of poverty in the country. Some residents have reported struggling to provide even one meal a day for their families.

This also comes amidst complaints from small business owners about high taxes imposed by the Taliban on various businesses.

Additionally, several shopkeepers and vendors have expressed concerns about the unprecedented downturn in their businesses, stating that they are unable to cover costs such as rent and taxes.

In December 2023, the Taliban-run Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced that they are offering special incentives, including a five-year tax exemption, to traders and industrialists who have returned to the country.