Afghan immigrants in Iran await resettlement amid challenges

File Photo.

Many Afghan immigrants in Iran, facing risks at home, expressed concern over delays in processing their resettlement cases to other countries.

These individuals, including those who have fled Taliban rule, have reported feeling unsafe in Iran, citing “harassment” by Iranian police and difficulties in securing work and education.

Jawed Hashemi, a former soldier, shared, “I fled to Iran due to severe security threats in Afghanistan. Here, I struggle with economic and educational hardships. We urge countries willing to resettle immigrants to address our plight.”

Journalist Nilab Omarkhel echoed these sentiments, highlighting challenges in renewing visas and residence documents. “We’re trapped between the inability to stay in Iran and the impossibility of returning to Afghanistan,” Omarkhel said.

In a recent meeting about the plight of Afghan immigrants in Iran, exiled women’s rights activists appealed to the international community for attention and assistance.

Bimah Ahmadi, a former defense lawyer in Afghanistan, described her difficult life in Iran since fleeing the Taliban. “We face numerous restrictions and lack access to education and work. We hope for prompt action from recipient countries to facilitate our transition, as our security in Iran is compromised,” she stated.

Civil society activist Khurshid Barati also voiced concerns over potential deportation. “We are not safe here and could be deported at any time. We implore the global community to consider our situation and help us find a peaceful and secure environment,” Barati urged.

Simultaneously, Afghan immigrants in Pakistan are also requesting expedited handling of their cases. Monisa Mubarez, a member of the independent coalition of Afghanistan women’s protest movements, expressed the despair of living in exile: “We didn’t choose this life of poverty, oppression, and displacement. No one wishes to leave their homeland to face humiliation abroad.”

Both in Iran and Pakistan, Afghan immigrants report slow progress on their cases and criticize the treatment they receive from local authorities, underscoring their challenging circumstances.