McCaul accuses Taliban of supporting terrorism, cites deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan

Michael McCaul, the Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, has openly criticized the Taliban, referring to them as “terrorists” in a recent meeting focused on the Biden Administration’s policy in Afghanistan.

McCaul highlighted the Taliban’s alleged support for terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, and emphasized the severe decline in conditions for Afghan women and girls since the US withdrawal.

“The Taliban, despite seeking removal from the terrorist list, remain terrorists. Afghanistan is deteriorating daily. Contrary to what some in the administration may believe, there are no ‘moderate’ Taliban members,” McCaul stated.

He expressed skepticism about the administration’s approach towards the Taliban: “It seems the administration thinks befriending the Taliban might influence their actions. However, the Taliban’s behavior clearly shows they cannot be influenced. Today, Afghan women and girls are in a dire state, worse than at any point since the US withdrawal.”

McCaul also raised concerns about the Taliban’s alleged involvement in the global arms trade: “The Taliban are funding, equipping, and providing safe haven to terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda. The $7 billion worth of military equipment left behind during the withdrawal is being sold by the Taliban, aiding terror groups and other American adversaries around the world,” he asserted.