Kabul, Herat host exhibitions to boost women’s entrepreneurship, domestic products

Exhibitions showcasing women’s products were held in Kabul and Herat on Monday, aimed at promoting businesses led by women and bolstering their economic standing.

In Herat, the handicraft exhibition featured the work of 40 returnees and displaced women. The event’s organizer emphasized its focus on supporting domestic products and fostering the growth of women’s economy.

Meanwhile, Kabul hosted a similar exhibition, attracting visitors with embroidery, carpets, and other industries led by women entrepreneurs. These businesswomen highlighted the importance of such events in advancing domestic production and improving family economies. They encouraged citizens to support domestic products.

The Kabul exhibition, held at Darul Aman Palace, involved 280 businesses showcasing their products. “This four-day event aimed to introduce Afghan domestic and manufactured goods, drawing significant public interest. Businessmen, investors, and government officials attended, resulting in some contracts,” said Nasir Ahmad Rashtiya, the exhibition’s organizer.

However, some businesswomen expressed concerns about the lack of market opportunities, noting decreased sales compared to the past.

The “Domestic Products” exhibition ran for four days in Kabul and three days in Herat, welcoming visitors.

These events also saw participation from many girls who, due to educational barriers, have turned to small businesses as an alternative to school and university.