Pakistan shuts Torkham border crossing for transit of goods

The Torkham crossing. Sept. 15, 2022. File photo.

In a move that has escalated tensions, Pakistan has closed the Torkham crossing to the transit of commercial goods, according to Taliban officials in Nangarhar.

A Taliban commissioner Torkham, Esmatullah Yaqub, as quoted by the Taliban-run Bakhtar News Agency, stated that the border crossing was abruptly closed at midnight.

The closure allegedly followed an attempt by Pakistani forces to “construct another gate within Afghanistan’s territory” under the guise of installing a plaque, a move that was prevented by the Taliban members.

The Taliban official expressed a willingness to engage in dialogue with the Pakistani side to address the issue and seek a resolution.

As of now, Pakistani authorities have not issued any official statements regarding the closure or the reported border incident.

This recent closure follows a previous ten-day shutdown of the Torkham crossing in September, adding to the complex dynamics along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.