EU allocates €10 million to boost healthcare in Afghanistan

To enhance Afghanistan’s healthcare system and combat infectious diseases, the European Union (EU) has pledged €10 million (equivalent to 750 million Afghani) to the World Health Organization (WHO).

This funding aims to fortify preparedness and response mechanisms for epidemic-prone diseases and address health and nutrition emergencies, the EU office in Afghanistan said in a statement.

The allocated funds are directed towards improving healthcare services across all 34 provinces, benefiting over two million individuals, the statement said.

According to the statement, this program builds upon the EU-WHO partnership established during the COVID-19 pandemic, integrating and expanding diagnostic capabilities and infectious disease management and response in Afghanistan.

“The EU is deeply committed to protecting Afghans from diseases and other health and nutrition emergencies. Building on our ongoing cooperation with the WHO in Afghanistan, the new funding helps to strengthen public health across the country and ensure the well-being of Afghans,” Raffaella Iodice, EU Chargée d’Affaires a.i. to Afghanistan, stated.

“This funding will greatly contribute to reducing the burden of infectious diseases on the people of Afghanistan. We will focus on strengthening surveillance, enhancing rapid response capabilities, and improving the management of infectious diseases in targeted hospitals,” said Luo Dapeng, WHO Representative in Afghanistan, said.

The statement added that the EU and WHO maintain a steadfast commitment to bolstering health and resilience in Afghanistan through investments in the health security system. This ongoing collaboration aims to diminish morbidity and mortality, enhance preparedness, and improve surveillance and response to outbreaks and health emergencies.