Jawzjan residents decry ongoing Afghan immigrant expulsions from Pakistan, cite economic strain

Residents of Jawzjan on Monday voiced criticism over the continued expulsion of Afghan immigrants from Pakistan, particularly during the cold season, as they believe it is placing Afghanistan in a challenging economic situation.

Issues such as the lack of shelter, employment opportunities, and educational access for women and girls returning from Pakistan are identified as significant challenges for the newly returned citizens in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Saleh, a 40-year-old resident of Sheberghan city and the breadwinner for his family of seven, sews shoes from morning to evening, earning about 100 afghanis a day. In the midst of his own economic struggles, Saleh expresses concern that the expulsion of thousands of immigrants from Pakistan will have a detrimental impact on the country’s economic stability.

“My income is very low. My children are hungry. I can’t handle their requests,” Saleh lamented.

Calls for support and assistance for the returnees echo among the residents. Mohammad Nabi, a Jawzjan resident, emphasized the need to help these individuals as they return to their homeland, urging them to contribute to the prosperity of Afghanistan.

“When they are strangers in their homeland, they are displaced. They should come to their homeland and serve here, and make their homeland prosperous. The time they have spent in Pakistan was due to your compulsion,” stated Abdul Sattar, another resident of Jawzjan.

According to the United Nations, since November 1, 287,000 migrants have entered Afghanistan from Pakistan, with only more than 8,000 officially deported, while others have voluntarily returned to Afghanistan.