Displaced families seek ‘urgent help’ as winter approaches

A number of displaced families in Kabul said they are dealing with many problems as winter approaches and that they need urgent help.

Some of the families who live at a camp in Qanbar Roundabout in the east of Kabul said they spend days and nights under tents.

Mohammad Hashim, a resident of Kunduz, said he lives with his family of eight members under a tent in the camp.

Hashim said he cannot work due to imjury in his back and that his nine-year-old son collects scrap metal in Kabul to afford his family’s expenses.

“We have not received any type of aid that could have fed us for several days. I am afraid of what we will do in the winter,” he said.

Hashim asked humanitarian institutions to provide required assistance to the displaced families in the winter season.

Sixty-year-old Gul Mohammad, a resident of Paktika, said he moved to Kabul after “losing everything” in this year’s earthquake in Giyan district in Paktika and now lives under a tent in a displaced persons’ camp in Pul-e-Charkhi area in Kabul.

He said he has a 12-member family and they all live under one tent.

“Many of the tents are thin. We live under the rain. Women and children are facing a lot of problems due to the lack of medicine and food. If we are in the same situation in winter, many children and elderly people in this camp will die of hunger and cold,” Mohammad added.

Gul Bibi, a resident of Laghman, who came to Kabul last year, said her husband is sick and she is taking care of the family alone.

Over the past year, thousands of families have been displaced from their homes to other parts of the country for various reasons, including floods and earthquake.

Multiple sources told Amu that a number of families have been forcibly evicted from their homes in the central regions of the country by the Taliban and have moved to other parts of the country.

Figures by Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) show that after the fall of the previous government in Afghanistan, the number of internally displaced people has reached 5.7 million. The center says that most of the displacements have not happened due to conflicts.

Based on statistics of the center, at least 380,000 people are displaced from their homes in different parts of Afghanistan every year.