Japan’s daily COVID deaths exceed 200 for 5th consecutive day

Screenshot from Reuters content.

Japan reported 183,609 new COVID-19 cases and 255 new coronavirus-related fatalities on Saturday alone, marking the fifth consecutive day where deaths exceeded 200, according to statistics from the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).

As of 18:10 local time on Saturday, Japan had recorded a total of 15,495,119 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 35,048 deaths nationwide, while the number of severe cases stood at 625, Reuters reported.

According to Reuters, Tokyo reported 23,773 new COVID-19 cases and 32 new fatalities Saturday alone.

Amidst an increase in COVID-19 cases in Japan, experts said the medical system in the country is facing severe challenges.

Reuters reports that Japan’s health authorities announced Monday that the country plans to administer a new type of vaccine in booster shots designed to protect people from the Omicron variant from mid-October.